Spreading Smiles Locally

What is Kommunity Kare Day?

Karson’s murder occurred just 26 days before what would have been her 20th birthday. We chose that first year to use her birthday (February 18th) as an opportunity to host a family friendly service opportunity that would give back to our community in ways that would have been meaningful to Karson. We host KKDay annually, on the Sunday closest to Karson’s birthday.

What should I expect?

Fun, of course! While each year may look slightly different, there are several things that you will find constant.

  • KKDay is family friendly. We encourage you to bring children of all ages to participate and learn the value of service.

  • Everything that we do for KKDay is 100% Karson. We try to select projects or people groups to support that were meaningful to her. This is, after all, her birthday party.

  • We try to keep the projects easy enough for any skill level, clean enough for any outfit, and varied enough to engage everyone.

Want to learn more?

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