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Debbie Harrison
Founder & Board Chair
Debbie is Karson's mom. During Karson's life Debbie shared her faith in Christ and compassion for others with Karson to the point that they took several mission trips together. With Debbie's encouragement Karson pursued other mission activities including her trip to Africa in 2017. After Karson’s death Debbie felt led to start Karson’s Kompassion Project to continue spreading the peace and love that Karson always shared with others so freely. Debbie holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Limestone College. She has held a number of leadership positions throughout her career including the management of large scale projects. Her faith in Christ, organization skills, and financial acumen prepare her to lead Karson's Kompassion Project.
Sandy Ransom
Sandy Ransom is the grandmother of Karson Whitesell. She felt it part of her call as grandmother to always provide spiritual council to Karson. Their discussions over things such as “what heaven would look like,” or “what the bible says about discrimination” and “how everyone is a child of God to be loved and respected” helped strengthen Karson’s faith. She loved how Karson had a sense for the underdog, the under loved, or the misunderstood and would try to set things right. She was most proud of the tender and compassionate heart Karson had as she sought to be Christ in the world. Sandy’s Christian faith has called her to serve in many capacities in her local church and denomination. Her spiritual gift for administration enables her to lead groups in a variety of ministerial programs. Sandy has served as Chairperson of her church’s Administrative Council for many years.
Janet Cutini
Janet is retired from full time employment as an HR Director after a career that spanned 40+ years in office management. She is a member of Transformation Church in Indian Land and is involved in local women’s groups. She has been involved in different volunteer activities over the years including School Improvement Councils, Girl Scouts, Cheerleading, Boys and Girls Clubs. Having worked with Debbie for over 12 years, she watched Karson grow and mature into her mom’s ‘best friend’. Today Janet is looking forward to traveling, enjoys the beach, her grandchildren and children, and her dog, Beau.
Jim Ransom
Jim Ransom is a Director of Karson’s Kompassion Project. He is Karson Whitesell’s Grandfather (G-dad) and marveled as he saw her passion develop to help others less fortunate, particularly young children. Jim has worked in various roles with non-profit entities. He has served as Treasurer of one organization for over fifteen years. He currently is the President and board member of a HOA organization. He is the managing director of three business Corporations. Jim has been involved since Karson’s death in developing a way to remember Karson’s life and looks forward to continuing carrying out the projects that she was passionate about.
Grace Johnson
Bio coming soon!
Rachelle Settle
Rachelle Settle serves as a Director of Karson’s Kompassion Project. Rachelle traveled to Haiti with Karson in 2014 on Karson’s first international mission trip. She saw first-hand Karson’s passion for helping others, especially children, and was drawn to her spunky personality. Rachelle and her daughters, Tori & Macie, became fast friends with Karson and Debbie. In 2018, she had the honor of traveling to Africa to witness the incredible impact Karson had on the people of eSwatini. Rachelle has volunteered for various other non-profits including Give Hope Global, Girl Scouts and Girls on the Run. Her hope is that Karson’s Kompassion Project will honor Karson’s legacy by sharing peace and love to those both near and far.
Garrick Wilson
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Rachel Ness
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Katie Virtucio
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Karson’s Kompassion is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the State of South Carolina. All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law.


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