Our Story

On January 23, 2018 Karson Whitesell’s life was cut short when she was shot and killed in a random act of violence. She was a bright light with a beautiful spirit that was taken from this world far too soon. While Karson was only 19 years old at the time of her death, she lived an extremely full life. She loved fiercely and deeply.

Karson had a sense of those who lived along the fringe or those in the shadows that needed a little extra love or attention. She always found a way to quietly take care of those in need. God blessed her with a servant’s heart and a love for children. In 2017 Karson felt led by God to spend two months in Africa doing mission work to help those less fortunate. Her heart broke for the beautiful souls she met in Swaziland.

In the days immediately following Karson’s death a GoFundMe account was started to raise money to build shade structures in Swaziland as a lasting legacy for her passion for helping others. After receiving such overwhelming support from the community Debbie, Karson’s mom, felt led to start Karson’s Kompassion Project (KKP) as a way to continue letting Karson’s love and light continue to shine for years to come.

It is our mission to never let Karson’s light dull. The intent of KKP is to spread peace and love to those in the shadows. It was important when choosing the name of the organization that it wasn’t specific to one region or one demographic of people. The work that we do is varied but all focused on spreading love to those who need a little extra. That is after all the way that Karson lived.