Days after Karson’s death, a GoFundMe account was set-up in her name. We wanted to be sure this money was put to good use for the people of Swaziland, a place near and dear to Karson. We were able to fund a playground for the children and were excited to build it for them on our recent trip in October. Follow the progress below.

Day 1 of Construction

This playground was built at the Mahangheni care point in Swaziland. This project was originally planned for our July trip but due to some unfortunate shipping delays the playground didn’t arrive until our team was back home in the US. Our team came back to Swazi in October, ready to love on kids and play on some playgrounds.

The construction team said the kids were so excited when the pieces were being delivered. They knew exactly what it was. Bringing smiles to kid’s faces is the best feeling in the world!

Day 3 of Construction

As you can see, a lot of hard work was completed in day 2! Once all the pieces are set-up and the concrete footings dry, the day the kids have been waiting for will be here!

Playground is Open For Business

The completed playground is a big hit with the preschool kids!! We played and slid and went through tunnels and of course laughed. We can’t express enough how thankful we are to those that made this happen through both financial gifts and labor.

Would you like to donate for future projects here and in Swaziland? You can donate here, or email us if you would like to volunteer.